Your car's annual health check. We inspect your car to ensure that it meets the minimum safety and pollution standards set out by the government.

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Your main point of contact with the tarmac! Whether you want off-road or low profile, budget or premium we can provide them at a competitive price.

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We are able to replace exhausts on all makes and models and can fit bespoke stainless systems supplied by either ourselves or by you the customer.

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Gearbox Replacements

As with any other part of your vehicle, your gearbox can fail. If this should happen we can source a new one, whether its manual or automatic and replace it for you.

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One of the most important safety features on your vehicle, keeping them in prime condition is essential. You can be confident that CP Autos only fit the best quality parts and will never compromise on safety.

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If you haven't rust-proofed your vehicle and it has succumbed to the weather we can repair most corrosion by welding. Welding is generally very labour intensive and most of the time is spent during the preparation phase.

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Modern vehicles often suffer from issues that are not obvious as to the cause. By carrying out a diagnostic scan we can find out what the problem with your vehicle might be and start to locate the faulty part.

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Older vehicles often suffer the perils of the climate and corrosion becomes an issue, by rust-proofing your vehicle you will protect the underside and prolong the life of your vehicle.

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Engine Building/Rebuilding

Sometimes, due to age related wear and tear or serious mechanical failure your engine will need to be re-built or, if you wish to use your car in competitive motorsport you may wish to have a specialist engine built for you. We can do this to original fitment or enhance your engine.

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We offer flexible servicing. If your car is less than 3 years old we follow the manufacturer's service schedule. For older vehicles we offer a 3 tier service schedule or we can carry on the manufacturer's servicing recommendations.

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Classic Restoration

There comes a point when most cars that are to be kept for future generations to enjoy will need to be restored, whether this is minor facelift or major mechanical and structural overhaul we will either assist you ourselves or we will refer you to a local company Vehicle Restoration Solutions Ltd

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Engine Replacements

If your vehicle suffers catastrophic engine failure you may wish to replace the engine with a new one rather than having it rebuilt, it can often be more cost effective. We have a number of suppliers we work with who can supply premium reconditioned or new engines.

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Timing Belts/Chains

The timing belt is critical component of your engine, the failure of which can result in expensive engine damage. To prevent such failure you need to follow the manufacturer's replacement advice, to find out yours please call us today.

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Electrical/Wiring Repairs

All wiring at some stage can suffer from corrosion and a loss of conductivity, here at CP Autos we can trace, diagnose and repair wiring faults from trailer light earthing problems to intermittent faults with your airbags.

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Other Repairs

Anything goes, we can replace wheel bearings, suspension parts, trim, the list is endless, if there is something we haven't mention on our site then please ask.

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